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  • Promote futures studies;
  • Promote awareness of challenging global problems;
  • Design prospects for alternative and preferred futures;
  • Support and collaborate with other future-oriented organizations;
  • Promote networking between individuals and organizations concerned with futures;
  • Promote cooperative participation in studies of the futures of humanity;
  • Encourage innovative, transdisciplinary thinking across all disciplines and cultures;
  • Help introduce futures-oriented thinking in all branches of knowledge and action;

PMFCFS & WFSF Membership Benefits

As a PMFCFS & WFSF member, you will be able to
  • Meet a cross-section of the world's leading futures researchers, teachers, professional practitioners, and others committed to open, creative and innovative futures for humanity;
  • Access the members-only sections of the WFSF Archives. and other Futures and Foresight Collections in the Unlocking Foresight Hub;
  • Receive news of UNESCO projects and participate in high-level meetings related to futures and foresight;
  • Participate in the global conferences jointly organized by PMFCFS & WFSF;
  • Participate as a speaker in PMFCFS & WFSF World Conferences, regional, and international meetings and partner events;
  • Meet colleagues in your region of the world to build your regional networks.

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